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The world is connected through globalization. Due to this fact, interactions by air transportation are increasing rapidly. Aviation is a key component of the global economy, and airline operations are considered one of the most important criteria in evaluating national economic growth. The term ‘Management’ is commonly used in our everyday business. However, the term ‘Aviation Management’ may seem unfamiliar. As the aviation industry is unique from its environment, there is a need to specify the focus on applying general management in the aviation industry. Considering the importance of aviation management in airline operations, there will be numerous interesting topics to be studied in advance. In this Journal, we invite all papers that are related to aviation management and airline operations. The author's contribution to this topic will not only be significant to this Journal, but also for future developments in aviation management and airline operations.

Journal of Airline Operations and Aviation Management (ISSN: 2949-7698) is an open-access scientific journal. The aim of JAOAM is to publish theoretical and empirical articles aimed to contrast, extend and build scientific knowledge that contributes to advancing our understanding of air transport from three perspectives: airline operations & globalization, airline management, and airport management.

The contributions can adopt confirmatory (quantitative) or explanatory (mainly qualitative) methodological approaches. Theoretical essays that enhance the building or extension of theoretical approaches are also welcome. JAOAM selects the articles to be published with a double bind, peer review system, following the practices of good scholarly journals. JAOAM is published quarterly exclusively online and follows an open-access policy. On-line publication allows to reduce publishing costs and makes more agile the process of reviewing and edition. JAOAM defends that open-access publishing fosters the advance of scientific knowledge, making it available to everyone.

Scope of the Journal: 

  • Strategic issues in aviation management
  • Airport design and operations
  • Aviation security and safety
  •  Airline operations, economics and marketing
  • Avionics and Flight training
  • Logistics and air cargo
  • Forecasting methods and revenue management
  • Finance and economics
  • Intermodal transport topics
  • Management
  • Environmental issues
  • Air transport policy and regulation
  • Aviation law
  • Macroeconomic issues
  • Network planning, slot allocation, scheduling
  • Air traffic control
  • Airport planning and management
  • Aviation meteorology
  • Weather forecast 
  • Weather instruments
  • Radars and Lidars
  • Satellites
  • Aircraft and UAVs observations
  • Remote sensing
  • Jet streams
  • Airport Weather
  • Severe weather
  • High impact weather
  • Nowcasting
  • Weather impact on Airport operations
  • Air pollution and airport operations
  • Weather and flight dynamics

Objectives of the Journal: 

The airline industry is one of the most competitive industries worldwide. Globalization leads to further dynamic growth in the industry; at the same time, the growing trend towards deregulation forces managers to question traditional practices and search for new responses and new management tools.

It is important to offer executives and academics an international forum to analyze and discuss current developments in air transportation and aviation management. The objective of JAOAM is to address current issues in the field of airline operations and aviation management, linking research and practice and stimulating interaction between the two.


  • Researchers and academics in the field of airline operations and aviation management and related fields
  • Managers and policymakers in the aviation industry including airlines, airports, and air traffic control
  • Executives in government regulatory and other bodies


Articles report on current findings of research in the field of aviation management. Findings may result from empirical observation. JAOAM includes research papers, book reviews, commentary, and shorter viewpoint pieces. Special issues devoted to important topics in airline operations and aviation management will occasionally be published.

The whole Publication process in JAOAM is totally free-of-charge and therefore, Authors/Readers/Subscibers does not need to pay any submission fees, editorial processing charges, article processing charges (APCs), page charges, colour charges. 


Prof. Ismail Gultepe, PhD, ECCC

Ontario Technical University, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Email: ismail.gultepe@ontariotechu.ca , ismail.gultepe@gmail.com

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